Cuban Slang

Acere : friend, mate ( qué bola acere = how are you mate)
Ajustador : bra
Babaloa : Santeria priest
Baro : money
Bemba : lips – Radio Bemba : Gossip, Grape-vine
Bici-tax : bicycle taxi
Bodega : ( state owned) grocery store
Bollo : vagina ( vulgar expression))
Bolsa negra : black market (translated: black bag)
Borracho : drunken
Blumer : knickers
Bisnero : business man ( hustler)
Campesino : farmer
Camello : camel bus
Carro : car
Carné (de identidad) Cuban identity card
Chancletas : flip-flops
Chebi : taxi ( official state taxi)
Chopin : shopping ( refers to dollar shop , tourist shop)
Chocolate : a mobile telephone with a glider..
Because it is more expensive and the latest, the Cubans call it “Chocolate” as something more valuable and expensive:….a chocolate.
Chulo : pimp
Cojones : bastard (vulgar expression)
Cola : Cuban queue
Comemierda : bastard, stupid ( translated : eat shit) (vulgar expression)
Coño : Bastard, Shit (vulgar) Spanish: esta mierda (see also Pinga)
Consorte : friend
Chao : (good) bye
Chivato : squeaker, police informer
Cuarto : a room (in a hotel) (Spanish: habitación)
Delgado : slim person
Entufado : drunken (also borracho)
Fardo : pants, trousers
Filtro : smart person
Fosforera : lighter (Spanish: encendedor)
Gallego : bad lover – bad sex
Ganso : gay (also: Maricon)
Grilla : bad woman, cheap vulgar prostitute,
Gringo: foreigner (also: Yuma)(yuma is more frequently used)
Guapo : good looking, afraid of nobody.
Guagua : autobus (also: Rufa)
Guajira : peasant – farmer (female) Guajiro (= male)
intima : sanitary towel
Izquierda (translation=left) : por izquierda : through the black market (with the left hand = black market or bolsa negra)
Jama: food (jamar: to eat)(Spanish: comer)
Jinetera : escort girl, part-time prostitute
Jaba : plastic bag (to carry groceries)
Joder : fucking (vulgar) No me jodes : don’t fuck me up
Jodido : fucked up (vulgar)
Kiosko : little shop
Mala Hoja : a bad lover – bad sex
Mami : mam (used when addressing a woman)
Mangon : good looking
Maricon : gay, queer (vulgar)
Monado : police
Moni : money
Ohrishas : the Gods (religious)
Paguete : bad lover – bad sex
Papi : dad ( used when addressing a man)
palestino : stupid, retarded ( used by people from Havana to refer to farmers from Eastern Cuba)
Padrino : Santeria priest, counseller
Paton : bad dancer
Pipo : chap (used when addressing a waiter)
Pinga : penis (vulgar expression), shit (also “Fuck off”) Esta de Pinga: its shit Pinguero : male prostitute (derived from the word “pinga”)
Pinchar : to work (Spanish: trabajar)
Pulover : T-shirt
Queik : cake
Sardina : slim woman
Suerte : good luck, happiness
Socio : budy , mate
Tacos: shoes (women) (also: llanta)
Taxi Colectivo : a shared taxi for Cubans only
Tenis : sneakers, training shoes, sports shoes
yin : (blue) jeans
yuma : foreigner
Zafra : the sugar cane harvest
Cuban Love and Care Expressions
Cariño : love, darling, affection, tender
Amor : love, sweetheart
Linda : Beauty
Mi Vida : my love, my everything (translated : my life)
Cuidate : take care
beso: kiss – besito: little tender kiss
Con todo mi Corazón: with all my heart
Frequently Used Cuban Expressions
Hola : Hello
Chao : Goodbye, Bye
¿Que bola? : How are you? (Spanish : ¿Como esta?)
No es fácil : It’s not easy (translated) Life is hard ( the living is difficult)
Disculpe , permiso : Sorry
¿Te gustas? : Do you like it? ( used for a drink or meal)
No sé : I don’t know
¿Cuánto cuesta? : How much is this?
Ser un punto : being stupid, weird
Tener un peso suerte : to find an lost or forgotten peso (dollar) in your pocket ( translated: to have a lucky peso or dollar) ¿No tiene un peso suerte? Do you have an accidental peso?


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