Colombian Slang


  • abrirse (to open): to leave
  • armar videos (to do videos): to lie, cause trouble
  • caliente (hot): dangerous
  • camello (camel): job
  • caspa (dandruff): a badly-behaved person
  • comerse a alguien (to eat somebody): have sex with a woman
  • chévere: cool
  • chimba: Pussy (Slang for Female Genitalia); When it is used as an object of comparison it denotes an extreme attraction to something (Attractive/cool); (Example: “Eso es una chimba de carro/chimba de vieja” (that is a cool car/attractive woman)). Its usage is considered obscene, although in cities like Medellin it is used all the time. Another usage would be “Que re Chimba!” – How awesome/cool.
  • chino: (Chinese): child
  • fresco (fresh): Don’t worry
  • gonorrea (gonorrhea): evil, loathsome
  • guevon: literally “big balls” or “lazy” but you would call your buddy this “Ay guevon!”
  • hacer la tarea (to do homework): have sex
  • levantarse (to pick up): make a conquest of a woman or man (example: “Me levante una vieja anoche hermano”), battery (crime), to beat someone up
  • ligar (to tie): to give money. to bribe
  • llave (“key” written wrong): friend
  • mamando: (breastfeeding): didn’t work out, did not come out well.
  • mamola: no way
  • mariconadas: joking around (deje las mariconadas – stop joking around)
  • ni por el berraco: no way
  • nonas: no
  • paila (saucepan): bad luck, not good.
  • parce or parcero: largely used as comrade. (corruption of “parcelo”, slang for owner of a plot of land (parcela)). Originally used as cell mate (sharing the same plot of land); Its usage derived into: criminal mate. Used only in criminal circles from late 1970s is now used openly in almost every urban center. Ex. Andres Palacios
  • perder el año (to get an F (grade)): to die
  • pilas (batteries): wake up
  • pisarse (to step over): to leave
  • plata (silver): money
  • plomo (lead): bullets
  • ratero (rat associated word): robber
  • rumbear makeout
  • sapo (toad): informant, snitch
  • sisas: yes
  • tombo: policeman
  • tirar (to throw, to shoot): to have sex
  • vaina: case, refers to an object or to a complicated situation
  • vieja (old woman): Young woman. Ex. Carolina Cortes
  • ¿vientos o maletas? (winds or suitcases): how are you? (Note that this comes from “bien o mal”? (good or bad?), but it was changed to different words to make it funnier)

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